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Community Nursing

Loving people through nursing in the 10/40 Window

Creative Access Nations

Jesus directed His disciples to “Go...into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” However, much of the world’s population resides within the borders of nations that are not open to standard missionary endeavor. Yet Christ’s directive urges us to go to these lands and their people. 

Some people have been tempted to think these countries are unreachable. While fulfilling the Great Commission in those countries can be challenging, it is not impossible. Closed to missionaries does not mean closed to the gospel, and that’s where the phrase “creative access” is utilized. Because of these restrictions, obedience requires creativity. Most of those entering Creative Access Nations have vocational skills that provide a means of access. English speakers from North America are in great demand. Your ability to share your language and Christian truth make you valuable. 

Community Nursing

She was unveiled.

She shared her shame with us.

We were allowed into her home beyond the barrier she had created. She had not been to a hospital since she had lived through seven miscarriages and abandonment by her husband, but through community health outreach she received hope.

Community nursing opens many doors, giving access behind the veil and beyond the shame. There are thousands of stories like this one that are untold. Women who are silently suffering, too ashamed to seek help, but who are receptive to the hope revealed behind closed doors.

With the help of a team of like-minded supporters, and my sending agency, World Gospel Mission, I am heading to the Middle East where the need for nurses is great, but the need for the Gospel of Christ is far greater! I am blessed to join in the efforts of reaching beyond the veil of shame and uncovering the hope that is found in Christ.

Supporting C.S. and her ministry

C.S. has been a nurse for over 5 years and is heading to the Middle East to share the love of Christ with the marginalized in the Muslim world. She will be working specifically with an unreached people group (read more here) through bedside nursing in the hospital setting and through community health outreach.

Prayer Needs:

  • Continued provision of support to be able to launch by January 2020. She will need to be at 100% to launch and is currently 60% funded. 
  • Smooth transitions to the field, “leaving well” as she says goodbye to family and friends.
  • Continued daily surrender to Christ’s Lordship, allowing Him to guide each of her steps as she moves forward in obedience.