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Church Planting in New York City

Latest Update

Fall is Here!

Hope this update finds you and your family well. Fall is in full swing here in New York. Adam's Dad and Stepmom were in town over Columbus Day and we got to drive upstate to enjoy the beautiful leaves. Fall is our favorite time of year! Take a moment and click on the video above for a quick update about our ministry at the South Asian Community Center.

The kids are enjoying their school year so far. Max is in 10th grade, Adelaide is in 7th grade, and Griffin is in 4th grade. They are growing up too fast!!

Please continue to pray for them this year. Also, please continue to pray for Jackson Heights Community Church. God is good and doing some great things. Boto Joseph, one of our Pastor Elders, has started a Sabbatical. Please pray for him and his family as they seek God and refresh themselves. 

We are so thankful for all of you! Thank you for your prayers and support!

The Bishops

Originally from the great state of Georgia, Adam and Erin along with their 3 kids, Max, Adelaide, and Griffin, now reside in Queens, New York City. Erin grew up right here in Blairsville and attended First Baptist until she moved away for college. Over 7 years ago, they moved from Alabama, where Adam served as mission pastor in a local church, to New York City in order to plant a church in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the U.S. Queens is known as "The World's Borough" because of the

immense diversity.

It is a true reflection of the world because of the vast number of languages, cultures, cuisines, and religions represented among the people of Queens. With more than 167 languages spoken, the Jackson Heights neighborhood feels like you are truly in another country the minute you step off the subway. The need to reach the many unreached people groups residing in Jackson Heights is mind-boggling to say the least.

Adam and Erin, along with their church planting team, have planted a church that takes into account the cultural and religious background of the community. They meet in a Pakistani Muslim restaurant for Sunday worship and have people from India, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, the U.S., and a few other countries attending their service. Jackson Heights Community Church is a gospel-centered, spirit-empowered community that loves Jesus passionately and exists to make disciples in New York City and, through it, the world. They want to be a church that plants more churches and they are already praying about where God would have them plant the next church.

The Bishops see the church as a picture of what heaven will be like and their desire is that the many unreached peoples of the world would meet the one true God while living life in the Jackson Heights community and perhaps take the gospel back to their native country. Please pray for God to raise up indigenous leaders within their body who will lead new congregations for the sake of the gospel.