Women On Mission

A women’s ministry with a passion for missions

November Updates

Clarkston Mission Trip

Women on Mission sponsored another event for international refugees in Clarkston, GA, on Saturday, Nov. 7, when we delivered three pickup truckloads of donated clothing, household items, toys, and food. WOM Director Nancy Brock distributed gift bags full of food and personal items contributed by WOM members and the First Baptist congregation to refugee mothers. The clothing and household items were eagerly awaited by the crowd of mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children that assembled while the items were being organized for display. The event was organized by North American Mission Board missionaries Bennett and Idong Ekandem who work with the refugees on a daily basis. WOM is an ongoing sponsor of the Ekandems’ mission work.

November Meeting

Missionary Stephen Gregory shared about his many snort-term mission trips when WOM held its monthly meeting on Monday, Nov. 9. Stephen has been involved in missions for 20 years after a friend walked up after church one day and said “Are you ready to go to Africa?”

Admittedly scared when he made his first trip to Zambia, Stephen said when he stepped for on the African continent he felt totally at peace as he knew he was where God wanted him. He has since shared the Gospel on four continent with many different people groups. Stephen said he loves going to remote areas where the people have never heard the name Jesus. Most of his teaching is done outdoors, often under trees, with an interpreter. He teaches by storytelling, beginning in Genesis and going through the Old Testament and the New. Many people in these remote areas have never seen a white man, and Stephen said they believe in the spirits of their ancestors, whom they are afraid of offending.

Over the years of taking the Good News to remote areas, Stephen has helped to start 27 churches which have an average of 60 very faithful, solid members. Stephen shared with WOM that on one trip to Africa, it rained heavily the night before they were to share the Gospel for the last time, making it impossible to get to the place where he was to preach. He said they felt led by the Spirit to go to another spot, where they found a 100-year-old man who had walked many kilometers to get to that spot because he had “had a dream and was told to go there because he would hear about God.” That night the man accepted Jesus as his Savior, and Stephen and his team rejoiced that the rain had prevented them from going to the other location. 

Stephen told WOM he hopes to return to Africa for another mission trip in March 2021 and asked for prayers that the pandemic situation will ease enough to allow him to go.

Hope House Donations

Also at Monday’s meeting, WOM voted to send $200 to Hope House of Union County to help replenish their supplies items provided to needy clients, such as shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, bath soap or body wash, and other personal items which have been depleted. Anyone wishing to make a donation of these or other items can take the items to the First Baptist church office and indicate they are for Hope House, or give them to Nancy Brock for delivery.a

Coming In December

At the monthly meeting on Dec. 14, WOM will hear from missionary Karyn Herrmann. Karen was raised in a Christian home and became a follower of Christ at a young age. After working as an industrial engineer for 11 years, she moved to Europe in 1995 to work with the Baptist Church in Croatia. She helped distribute humanitarian aid to refugees from Bosnia before the end of the Balkans war and then moved to the Dalmatian Coast to work with a church planting team in Split, Croatia.

In 2000, Karyn felt God leading her to relocate to Turkey. She moved to Istanbul in 2002, where she continues to serve. She works with Turkish believers, leading a women’s Bible study, teaching Sunday School in her Turkish fellowship, and currently assisting with translating into Turkish and publishing the book “Fervent”. Karyn works with Turkish and Syrian women and children in a variety of roles, including helping them learn English as a way to build friendships, and spending time with her closest Turkish and Syrian friends in hopes of having opportunities to share the Good News. She also partners with Karin, a national believer, to serve Syrian women and children together by assisting the women in earning some money for their families, having food and craft classes for the women, doing crafts with the children, and having outreaches to share the Gospel with them — activities which have been sidelined by the pandemic. 

The WOM meeting on Dec. 14 will begin at 10:30 a.m. in the First Baptist Ministry Center.

Who We Are

WOMEN ON MISSION have a passion for missions.  We meet the second Monday of each month at 11:30 in the Ministry Center. Each month a special speaker is invited to share with us his/her time of ministry on the field, whether it be overseas or here in the United States.  We have heard speakers from Russia, Albania, Turkey, Peru, Honduras, Tanzania, and many other places around the globe, as well as representatives from the ministry to refugees in Clarkston, GA, Out of Darkness Ministry in Atlanta, Voice of the Martyrs, and many other U.S.-based mission groups. We each receive a blessing from hearing the testimonies of these speakers. Often we learn of ways we can be involved in reaching out to the lost through these ministries.

Ongoing Activities

In cooperation with the Atlanta Dream Center, WOM are writing messages of encouragement that can be handed out to young women who are being trafficked in Atlanta. WOM also supports Hope House of Union County by collecting personal hygiene items such as shampoo, body wash, deodorant, etc., which are distributed free of charge to Hope House clients. Through offerings collected monthly and budget funding from First Baptist, WOM are supporting the following ministries:

  • Cowboy Church of Jerusalem to purchase food and new boots.
  • Pure Love Pure Water for more filters to be sent to missionaries.
  • The Clarkston After-School Ministry, which provides a meal for the children and to purchase supplies for the children.
  • Missionaries Troy and Jeana Nicholson, whose home in Albania was damaged in a December earthquake.

Be a part of WOM

WOM supports a different missionary each year by sending them a monthly love gift. We also save and collect our loose pocket change to provide water filters for missionaries who do not have access to potable water. Periodically, we provide toiletry items which Hope House of Blairsville can share with its clients. As the Lord leads, we engage in projects which help missionaries or reach out to the lost. In all that we do, we aim to bring glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to come and join us on the second Monday of any given month. Participation is open to ALL women — young, old, or in between.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Nancy Brock at untilhisreturn@gmail.com or 706-781-6358 for further information.